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The Pageant revealed

We are delighted to reveal details of the historic pageant which takes place on Edinburgh Castle Esplanade on the evening of Saturday 25 July, and will be attended by The Gathering 2009 passport holders. The pageant is entitled Aisling’s Children; Tales of the Homecoming, and has been specially created and produced by an award-winning production team.

Aisling’s Children weaves a magical tale, starting from the very beginning of the Scottish nation and running through to the present day to tell the dramatic story of the clans’ role in the history of Scotland, and takes its rightful place as the jewel in the crown of the Homecoming Scotland celebrations. The role of Aisling will be played by renowned Scottish singer and actress Annie Grace.

Fine Beer, Great Food, unbeatable atmosphere

Hundreds of our newsletter readers kindly responded to a questionnaire last October regarding what other activities you would like to take part in around The Gathering 2009. As a result, Caledonian Brewery, Edinburgh’s last remaining brewery, in conjunction with is publican partners have arranged a series of events to cater for every visitor to the city.

Whether you would like fine dining or a pub meal, a quiet glass of wine or a wee dram, or perhaps a pint of the official beer of The Gathering, Deuchars IPA, a selection of style-bars and traditional pubs are ready to welcome you to the Deuchars Pub Gathering.

This is an opportunity for clans to gather on Thursday 23rd July at 35 venues across the city centre and enjoy a selection of music, food and beverage offerings. Discounts are available at selected venues for Gathering passport and ticket holders – check out the Caledonian Gathering mini site for more information. http://www.caledonian-brewery.co.uk/gathering_home.html

If you fancy a trip round Caledonian’s Victorian brewhouse, you can take a guided tour to see where Deuchars and Caledonian 80 are brewed and the famous open-fired coppers before retiring to the cellar for a lectured tasting session. Tours are available to passport and ticket holders on the 23rd and 24th July by appointment only. Contact the brewery to reserve your slot at tours@caledonian-brewery.co.uk

The Gathering 2009 International Championship

There is still time to be part of The Gathering 2009 International Championship. The Highland dancing championship, in association with the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing is open to dancers from the age of 4 years upwards with Primary, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Pre-championship and Championship levels.

Each competitor will receive a commemorative medal and the overall best dancer of the weekend will receive The Gathering 2009 International Championship trophy and a prize worth £500 from House of Edgar.

Closing Date for applications is 26th June 2009.

Laying down your Scottish roots

Planting trees in Teaghlach Wood is a great way of making your connection with Scotland a permanent one and at the same time combating climate change. Trees4Scotland tell us that the support from Clan organisations and societies is growing steadily – so keep up the good work!
Get your name or society name on the Teaghlach honours board by visiting www.teaghlachwood.com

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