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July 2008 Newsletter

Homecoming Launch

The programme for Homecoming Scotland 2009 was revealed by the First Minister, Alex Salmond MSP at Edinburgh Castle on Monday 16 June. The Gathering 2009 team was at the launch of next year’s nationwide celebration of Scotland’s contribution to the world.

Homecoming Scotland 2009 begins on Burns Night (January 25th) and ends on St Andrew's Day (November 30th) with The Gathering 2009 as one of the key signature events. The Gathering 2009’s Lord Sempill features on the front cover of the Homecoming programme and played a part in the film to mark the launch. To find out more about the launch and read some of the media coverage, please click onto our website at

Charity begins at home

IF you won a diamond, would you keep it or give it away? Imagine the scenario – you have just celebrated your first wedding anniversary and win a precious gem worth £1500 in a charity raffle, which would clearly make a wonderful present for your new wife. What do you do? Do you accept your prize, won in good faith and present it to your spouse, or would you hand it back to the charity? To find out what our sponsorship manager Richard Negus did when faced with that dilemma, click

Gathering Speed for the Anthony Nolan Trust in Scotland

Bryony Hope from The Gathering 2009 team recently completed a bike ride from the English Scottish Border up to the North of Scotland to raise funds for the Anthony Nolan Trust. To read about Bryony’s bike ride and find out more about the Anthony Nolan Trust please click on the link

On the Road Again

July is a busy month for Lord Sempill on the road, having been given the honour of Chieftain of the day at the Aberdeen Highland Games in New South Wales in Australia on Saturday 5 July. He will then fly to the USA for the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina between Thursday 10 to Sunday 13, and return to Scotland in time for the Inverness Highland Games on 19 and 20 July.

Meanwhile Lucy-Rose enjoyed meeting so many people at the San Diego Scottish Highland Games in California at the end of June. Members of The Gathering 2009 team will also be attending the Glenarm Games in Northern Ireland on 14 and 15 July – please come along and say hello.

Staying in Edinburgh

Edinburgh still has plenty of beds available at prices to suit all pockets. If you are looking for a good package deal check out our 5 selected travel providers who are offering competitive prices to those coming to The Gathering 2009 at http://www.clangathering.org/content/passport-ticket-packages.html

Calling All Film Stars!

A big 'Thank you' to all those who have already submitted video clips. We would still love you to send your clips to The Gathering 2009, although they may be too late for inclusion in the next Gathering 2009 promotional film or in the vouchers draw, we still want to hear what you have to say. For a reminder of what sort of things we’d like to hear about you, please click on

You can still take advantage of the generous discount being offered by Hebridean Jewellery, although be quick as you only have until the end of July. For further details of this offer, please click on the same link,


Highland Games Tickets
The Highland Games Tickets will be going on sale in late summer. You will be able to purchase a one-day, two- day or family ticket for the weekend. Concessions will also be available. These tickets will admit you to Holyrood Park to experience the World Highland Games Heavy Events Championship 2009, Highland dancing, piping, traditional and contemporary Scottish music, fabulous Scottish produce, the clan tents, and much, much more.

Check out our FAQs section of the website. This area aims to answer everything you need to know about The Gathering 2009 next year and will be update frequently. If you have any questions that are not answered in the section, just email us at info@thegathering2009.com

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T: +44 (0)131 561 1323 E: info@thegathering2009.com W: www.thegathering2009.com



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